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Anlässlich des heutigen X10 Events in San Francisco von Microsoft, erstelle ich einfach mal einen kleinen Thread dafür.

Und fange sogleich mit dem Sammeln der bisherigen "News" an:

- Neuer Alan Wake Trailer inkl. Releasedate "Mai 2010":


...und jetzt hat Microsoft auch einen genauen Termin verkündet - EU Termin: 21. Mai 2010

- Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta startet am 3. Mai 2010:


- Halo Reach Boxart:


- Fable III Video Diary ab morgen auf Xbox Live:


...und hoffentlich auch mit neuem Bildmaterial, immerhin ist's anspielbar:


- Lost Planet 2 mit Splitscreen-Modus:


- Dead Rising 2 erscheint am 3. September in Europa:


- Perfect Dark erscheint im März auf Xbox Live:



Offizielle Zusammenfassung mit weiteren Ankündigungen:

The Halo Reach multiplayer beta will kick off on May 3. You will be able to access the beta via the Halo 3: ODST game disc.

* Dead Rising 2 will release in North America on Aug. 31, Japan on Sept. 2 and Europe on Sept. 3.

* Dead Rising: CASE ZERO an exclusive download only on Xbox LIVE, will launch prior to the full game and provide a playable prologue that bridges the story between the two titles.

* Alan Wake will launch May 18 in North America and May 21 in Europe. Players can pre-order the title to receive the Bright Falls Bonus Pack, which includes exclusive content like Avatar gear, an Xbox LIVE theme, and a “making of” video.

* The Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition Bundle will release starting March 9 for $399, and include a 250GB Hard Drive, two Wireless Controllers, exclusive downloadable content and a Standard Edition copy of the game.

* Toy Soldiers will kick off the Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party on March 3

* Perfect Dark, Scrap Metal and Game Room will launch this March as a part of the Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party.

* Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction will release at retailers starting April 13 in North America, April 16 in the United Kingdom, and April 28 in Japan.

* Lost Planet 2 will launch in North America and Europe on May 18.

* Fable III will be available this holiday.


details Left for Dead 2 DLC:

* 3 map Campaign
* L4D2 Character control only
* Lots of info about the survivors backgrounds (30 different "start" discussions)
* Midnight riders figure more prominently in discussion
* New special infected? Could be confused with new UCI
* However they also mention a new UCI so, he cool
* Golf Club and M60 new weapons
* New game mode top secret
* Release date TBD

( http://www.majornelson.com/archive/2010/02/11/10-things-you-need-to-know-from-x10.aspx )
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