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Ich mach hierzu jetzt mal nen Thread auf weil ichs kaum noch erwarten kann bis das endlich mal erscheint. Ich hoffe echt, die bleiben nicht nur am PC sondern es kommt auch noch für die Konsolen


Btw. hier das neueste Update:
We’re pleased to announce that the next update of Wreckfest is scheduled for this month, and it will mark an important milestone for our game. In the update we will be introducing our completely new tire and suspension simulation model that will provide for a much more immersive driving experience on both tarmac and sand. The update will also feature our next-generation DirectX 11 rendering engine that will make it possible to faithfully recreate realistic environments with advanced physically based materials and lighting (PBR).
Since we’ve been working hard with the physics and rendering features of the game this update will not contain much new content, but as a teaser of the great things to come the update will ship with the first iteration of the reworked Sandpit track to give you a glimpse of the level of quality and realism we’re striving for with our next-generation environments. Not only that, but you will also get a chance to experience an early version of a new oval track that we have in production. Since the new tracks would be nothing without new toys to race around with, we’ll be including two new cars as well. Both of them are still heavily in progress, mind you, but nonetheless you will get to take them for an early test drive. Needless to say, the update will also contain a huge number of other added features and improvements, many of which have been requested by you, our dear players and supporters.
As it is so often, when one journey ends another begins. The next update is a first, important step in realizing our dream for Wreckfest. Now with most of the heavy lifting done on the physics and rendering department of the game our development team will be working full-steam on new good stuff to come in the next months: a whole lot of new cars, new tracks, car customization, modding support as well as other features and content that in end will make Wreckfest THE definite game for anyone looking for rough, no-holds-barred racing experience.
A full changelist will be available with the update, but here are the most important changes:

  • New simulator-grade physics engine with advanced tire and suspension geometry simulation.
  • New DirectX 11 rendering engine with realistic physically based materials and lighting.
  • 64-bit operating system support for optimal performance on modern computer systems.
  • Hardware MSAA anti-aliasing with advanced foliage transparency antialiasing.
  • Dedicated server for optimized multiplayer performance with command-line and remote configuration features.
  • Steam leaderboards and player statistics for tracking and comparing performance with other players.
  • Support for changing the track and the car in lobby as well as adding bots to multiplayer events.
  • New game modes Team Race and Elimination Race, guaranteed to provide explosive racing action for 2-4 teams.
  • One new track and another one completely overhauled.
  • Two new cars, an American and a European one.
As always, thank you for your enthusiasm, dedication and support. See you on the track!
Bugbear Entertainment presents Next Car Game | Wreckfest gets more punch under the hood, update coming soon!
Das auch nen Titel der mich so richtig anfixen wuerde...flatout ultimate carnage war Hammer. der ridge racer leider nicht so recht.
Eins der besten Racing Games ever, und hat hier grad mal 3 Posts aus grauer Vorzeit ... Wieso? ;)

Ich bin gerade ziemlich von der SX Version beeindruckt. Sieht in manchen Bereichen besser aus als PC.
Hilft sicher, daß hier HDR richtig funktioniert, das war auf PC a ewige Baustelle.

Fühlt sich auch dank RumbleTrigger noch einen Tick besser an, das wurde auf PC leider auch nie supported.

Die Physik war immer schon genial :)
Ich zocke es gerade auch wieder gerne dank Patch. Lässt sich super spielen, sieht gut aus und macht Spaß
Is der Steve McQueen unter den Rennspielen. ;)
Das Feeling sich in die Kurven reinzulassen, den Hintern zu verlieren, mit Gas und Gegenlenken wieder raus ... schön dreckig und brutal.
Passender Weise kam ja unlängst auch ein San Francisco Track rein. ;)
Apropos, die Track Layouts find ich auch allgemein extrem gut. Die meisten merkt man sich nach ein oder zwei Runden weil sie so eingängig gebaut sind.