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    Halo 3 Beta vom 16.Mai - 6. Juni

    Halo 3 Beta dates announced

    Details were just released about the Halo 3 beta, specifically the date. The beta will kick off on May 16th and run until June 6th. Plus Bungie posted a new MP Video with (to quote Frankie) ‘a ton of stuff…you simply haven’t seen before.’

    [Details at Bungie.net]

    Posted from the Providence rail station

    Edit: I am being told it is also on the Marketplace, but I can’t confirm that since I am not near my console.


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    Ja, dann ist es am 16. Mai endlich soweit und endlich ist das Geheimnis um den X-Button gelöst. Stichwort (ich zitiere): "Deploy Equipment"
    Tut mir einen Gefallen und bewertet nicht die Grafik des Videos, denn diese hat nichts mit der Grafik zu tun, die wir in der Beta sehen werden.
    Es handelt sich um eine Alpha Version.
    Das Gameplay sieht schon mal heftig aus, besonders das neue Bubble-Shield und diese Tretmine.
    Halo 3 wird garantiert über Xbox Live noch mehr Fun machen als Halo 2 zur damaligen Zeit machen

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    Wer sich für Halo 3 interessiert, sollte sich diese Analyse zum Video mal durchlesen - sehr informativ:


    Halo 3 Multiplayer Vidoc Analysis, with pictures.

    You might as well sit back and relax, because this read my take a little while, enjoy! All by me, please don’t take it and repost on other forums unless I am given credit.

    The first thing this vidoc opens up on is a big city like map, something that I know I have been waiting for for a long time in the Halo saga. Below I made a quick image to show it in all its glory.


    This next point isn’t as important either, but that doesn’t make it less noticeable. The spacing of the needles firing up to the turret show that the needler will have a fairly to very slow ROF, meaning that impacts must do loads of damage, very nice. Also noticed is the deployable gravity lift the guy is using to boost up, a cool feature. Picture taken at :23 seconds.


    Ok first main point, at :24 there is a new gun that pops up, the minigun, removed from the warthog turret. I am not sure how people will obtain this, because having it spawn is kind of a cheap weapon, making you take it off the back of a warthog would be fair, but then noobs would steal it and make a useless warthog…that’s not fun.


    What would be cool though would be to have the warthog turret gun while on the back of the mongoose, which would be total win.

    At :34 seconds something I will explain later pops up, but its worth noticing now as something that you do carry like a grenade.


    At :42 seconds, a new vehicle pops up. If you were into the Halo CE modding scene, then you would see this as very familiar. The Wasp is what I’m talking about, and this “hoverbike” looks almost identical to it. Finally a human counter for the banshee!


    This shot was taken at :53 and not only does it show us a good view of the spiker, but also of the HUD. This confirms basically that you can only carry two of each grenade. Another thing we can see in this screenshot is that of this build, the health bar won’t be returning, and only the shields will.


    At 1:08 its nothing momentus, but it is a good look at the new shield doors and how they will function.


    Then time goes by and nothing happens, but at 3:02 I saw something interesting. I don’t know if this is a death animation gone wrong or what, but this Spartan looks to be climbing the fence he jumped onto before he dies, can we finally climb!


    At this point we see a Spartan running to get a flag that is awesomely blowing in the wind, but we also see the remade large fusion cores, a cool little thing to protect the flag.


    At around 3:35 we get our first look at the man-cannon in action, which also confirms one thing from Halo 1 that is not coming back, fall damage. They are obviously at a height which would kill you in halo 1.


    Ok now this part is pretty epic. Screenie is from 4:38. Not only does this mean we will obviously go back to another halo, as this bridge was seen in the control room levels of halo 1, but that we can have epic bridge wars!


    At 4:43 I caught something on the screen. The triped gun seems to me like it would make an awesome portable turret, anyone with me on this one? That would certainly be cool in MP and SP with movable placable turrets that you would or could carry. Certainly seems right with all these other new movable things.


    Ok at 5:12 I saw something weird. Whatever this guy has on his back it doesn’t look familiar and it looks quite large, any ideas? Also you can see ejecting brass, which I remember someone complaining about how they liked to look at it roll on the ground in halo 1, maybe it will return in halo 3!


    IGN had a theory last time that the new needler was that old turret that the brute was holding since it wasn’t dual wieldable, but that’s obviously wrong…This shot also has the sword sheathed on the guys leg on the left, showing that you will be able to see it. I ithnk it would be cooler to keep it as a surprise and turn the sword off like the elites can when it its sheathed. (Thanks Captin Baddie for pointing it out)


    This next one is my first glimpse of the new BR, and all I really gotta say is ew, god that’s ugly. I really hope that changes because right now that’s hideous to me. But another thing I noticed is this guy had a different color HUD than before on the spiker guy, this one is green not blue, custom option?


    Now something that had been really skeptical. The shield thingy is finally here, and actually in the game. To me it seems like this is the feature of the X button, drop mine or drop shield.


    The next thing to be used with the x button, trip mines. These will really be a cool feature for things like guarding flags and such. You can see the trip mine in the HUD if you watch the vidoc right before he drops it, looks like a star under the grenades.


    The next part ties in with the minigun, when the warthog is blown up by the mine, the turret does separate from the hog and come off separate, looking pretty much like one piece. Your little reward for taken out a hog :P. The only problem with this is again, people blowing up your own hog just to get it.


    The next cool feature doesn’t really need any pictures, I’ll just explain it. It is the video playback feature of that you can watch every match that you play and change camera angles and stop time, this is really like a devcam for halo, awesome for montage footage hehe.

    Few things in this next one. The top left screen is obviously the pistol from halo 1, without a doubt. Now the only thing left to wonder about is how they will balance it out. On the sword screen below it there is a definite bar where the ammo for other guns is usually kept, making the think that the sword in MP this time around will have limited energy.


    This next screen I see some good some bad. The only bad is that the shield grenade is going through the floor, I hope that gets fixed. The good is the new call signs, and one awesome thing about the sniper. It can read elevation, distance away, and finally hell yeah, WIND. Your sniping shots will be affected greatly by the wind most likely, making sniping always different and requiring a TON of skill.


    Well this concludes what I see and my hopes and dreams for Halo 3. I’m expecting the power-ups will be a feature that you can turn on and off, as that would affect game play a lot, and MLG might not want that.


    This first screen is just a capture of the shot where he has all of them behind him.


    Next I marked off all of the medals I knew and the ones I found on Halopedia with a red dot, and got his.


    I tihnk the top one is oddball kill, but I wasn't sure, which leaves us with a few medals, IDEAS?


    Weapons list confirmed by vidoc:

    - Assault Rifle (Ma5C)
    Reduced clip size, higher damage
    - Battle Rifle
    Same clip size and firing methods, new look.
    - SMG
    New sound
    - Sniper
    New options when scoped in on environment, same clip size etc.
    - Spartan Laser
    Charge time, nothing else really.
    - *Movable turret*
    No real info, only seen in one shot.
    - *Chaingun/warthog gun*
    Fall off warthog? Taken off warthog?
    - Pistol *Halo 1 return?*
    - Shotgun
    Lots of close range damage, one hit kill still.

    - Spiker
    Seems to have SMG effectiveness when single wielded. Looks to have same clip size as SMG.
    - Brute Shot
    Louder, seems more powerful, larger clip?
    - Beam Rifle
    No real info.
    - Carbine
    Increased firing rate
    - Needler
    Single weldable, lower ROF, guessing more damage.
    - Plasma Rifle
    Dual wieldable
    - *Plasma Pistol* - Concept art showen.
    - Energy Sword

    Other extras (X button?)
    - Shield generator
    Moves on terrain, pick up as extra
    - Trip mine
    Blows up anything that it touches.
    - *Portable grav-lift*
    - *Something that was on Halo 1 bridge* - Maybe EMP burst, remove shields.

    Grenades (Two of each holdable)
    - Plasma
    Still stick to people.
    - Frag
    Not as much bounce in dirt
    - Spike

    - Warthog
    - *hoverbike?*
    Human counter to banshee
    - Mongoose
    Thanks for pointing it out, ridable with passenger with gun.

    AI turrets are also used, confirmed on snowbound.

    * = Unsure

    Thank you for reading, and please leave comments



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