Wii - Tony Hawk Downhill Jam


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Hab grad ein erstes Preview zum neuen Tony Hawk auf Wii gelesen und die sind dabei voll des Lobes. Könnt ein richtig guter Titel werden, aber lest am Besten selbst:


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Visually Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam looks and feels fast, there are plenty of objects in the environment flying past you and you'll need to make some quick moves quite frequently. The game looks pretty impessive in motion, all of the skaters have a decent amount of detail attributed to them and the environments look pretty detailed. Even though we only saw an early build of the game the frame-rate stayed very consistant.

Overall Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam looks to be shaping up rather impressively. This could be the change that the series so desperately needs, the game is completely different from Tony Hawk's Project 8 so if you're feeling that the series is getting a little stale then Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam could be a game to keep an eye on.

Falls wer weitere Berichte findet, immer her damit ^^
Freu mich schon auf denn Teil auch wenn sich viele über die Verpackung aufregen,