PS3 - erster Cell Chip taugt nix

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We might as well let the cat outta the bag..

Haniballs (the guy with the non-test marked PS3) is a game developer with 15 years in the business. He received two PS3 units, one for work and one to take home since he lives in Norcal and kinda far away from the game studios.

He also received another box that looks like the PS3 that holds an alternate C7 (cell7 core overclocked instruction set) which is the 2nd version of the cell processor that will ship from Sony in PS3's much (much) later in 2007.

Apparently sony has a high failure rate of first run cell processors (to get a good one for shipping) and the version one processor that will ship right away (normal) is in box one... then they are going to an overclocked version a few months from now.. but Haniballs has that processor (alone) in another white looking box, to test on it he just runs 3 ribbon cables over to the new processor housing (which runs so hot the box is 2 times the size as the PS3 itself).

In addition to running faster.. the second gen processor console will have a flash type capability that will allow you to re-flash your PS3's firmware to also play HD-DVD (as well as blue ray) but also most future formats (via re-flash)... the gen one console will be blue ray only and fixed rom. The to be released 4th quarter PS3 also has bluetooth built in.

also the photos dont show it (old controllers)... but haniballs also got 2 of the new controllers... which despite the rumors and pics floating around are in fact different.

the new PS3 controllers have that new HP laptop like "black piano" glossy surface on them. like ipods... they are glossy and also have the vibration feature enabled and of course have the gyros in them for Wii like gaming.

The new controllers match the PS3 console perfectly.

I'm not sure if the new online gaming screenshots were posted, but that's the big surprise that's going to be announced. There WILL be a full featured online gaming community right out of the gate which version 1.01a software will be included on the PS3 hard drive. It's called the PS3 "light brite" bridge.... yes.. like the old school "lite brite" game from the 80's.. hahaha.. anyway, it will include downloadable game demos, etc.. an Xbox 360 online rip off.. but also include an itunes like online store that will allow you to buy songs and download them to sony memory stick only. Four sony media players are supported including that new player / wifi skype phone sony just released.. forgot the name.

Anyway.. I also received one of the PS3 final firmware machines for doing some audio work since I've been working for Sony (music division) for almost 20 years now. I didn't have to sign an NDA to get my PS3 either. I'm not really a gamer and though I create loops I was not planning on getting involved with stuff on the PS3 so I was just going to throw my PS3 on ebay... unless someone wants to give me $3500 today for it.... its unopened in a new box.
Was man davon glauben darf weiss ich nicht, aber man weiss ja nie ;)

PS: ich glaub da hat sich wer einen Scherz erlaubt. Aber lustig zu lesen ist es dennoch *g*
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