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ich komme in dem Level "Countdown" nicht weiter. Und zwar in der Mission in der ich einfach den Ausgang zum Omega Sektor durchgehen muß. Ich habe alle abgemurkst und stehe vor der letzten Türe, komme aber nicht ums verrecken rein, übersehen habe ich eig. auch nix.

Ich habe auch schon gegoogelt aber da bekomme ich immer nur die Lösungen zum PC Game und da gibt es kein Level das Countdown heißt!!!!! Ich habe das PS2 Game.

Please help!!!
Biddeschön. Hab''s von du kannst Englisch:

Drop from the ventilation system into the room and get the guard. To the right
of where you dropped is a door. Keep going forward through the doors with the
biggest numbers you see that lead you forward. There are many guards. Alura
will tell you Kiko is in A12 or another door. Try and keep close. Eventually
you will trigger a cutscene in the security center. Now go to the far corners
of the room and burn the green parts of the power boxes, NOT THE RED. Now go to
the computer, the red one, at the beginning. Activate it and a cutscene will
trigger with shaking. Now go out and face the elite guards. Eventually, as you
wander, you will find Rook, somewhere near A5. Take him down, it is quite hard.
Make sure to take cover, get off head shots and grenades from far. Get his
laser when you are through and go to the door to DELTA SECTOR.

Now you are in delta sector. Now go through each door one by one and keep an
eye out for guards. There are control boxes for the lasers. After about D8C,
you will find a large, gray and green door. Go through there. Now you are at
Phoenix Base from MP. Shoot everyone here and go upstairs to the office looking
control room. You should find a button. Press it and go back down. Go to the
door at the other end of where you started, with the picture above it. Go
through that door and into a new sector.

You now must prevent Kiko from launching into space. She drops the bridge on
you as you walk across. Now go to the control room and grab the armor. Kiko
sends a few guards and a ninja. Take them out. Go back in the room and let the
second shuttle launch. Now there are harder guards and ninja''s. SHOOT THEM ALL
and Kiko will go up the elevator.

Bond will follow. Now press the button after the cutscene to the right of the
door. MISSION COMPLETE. Welcome to space, 007.

Viel Spaß;)